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We are God’s servant people with Christ-like hearts empowered by the Holy Spirit through word and Sacrament. We proclaim God’s grace, love, justice, and forgiveness to all people through worship, learning, witness, service and support.


Yoga~ Stretch your Faith!~


-I will age with humor, serenity, and (to the best of my efforts) health

-I will continue to express my creativity and personal style

-I will deepen my faith in the Lord and find ways to serve others

-I will acknowledge that my age is perfect and each year is precious, for I will only live 2019 once

Calling all who are interested in yoga!  An eight-week session will begin TOMORROW,  Monday, January 14th and  will end Monday, March 11th (no February 18 class).  As always, there is a 9:30am and a 7pm class.  The series is $65 or $10 per class drop-in.  All classes are beginner PLUS.   Join us this year and bring a friend - yoga is for everyBODY! Contact Elizabeth with questions 525-2894.


2019 American Red Cross Bloodmobile Calendar

American Red Cross Bloodmobile Calendar held at St. David's Lutheran Church

Starting in March 2019 bloodmobiles will be held from 12:30-5:30 PM Wayne & Carol  and Doug & Linda  are St. David's contact persons for the Red Cross bloodmobiles held in the fellowship hall.

If you are interested in helping out at a bloodmobile please see Wayne, Carol, Doug or Linda.  Any help is appreciated.

St. Francis Sharing & Caring Food Pantry

Thank you for your commitment to the St. Francis Sharing and Caring Food Pantry.  We are replacing our existing monthly list of food donation suggestions with a new system that started in 2017.  Instead of asking all the churches to donate items specific to the month, we are asking each church to be responsible for one item for the whole year.  St David’s monthly donations will be mac n cheese. We hope this will be a fun and easy way for congregations to donate without having to remember which item goes with which month.  Of course, we are always grateful for any food donations we receive, and if you would like to do a food drive for the food pantry, please feel free to make it for any non-perishable item.

Thank you to everyone who purchased macaroni and cheese in the recent weeks for the St. Francis Food Pantry. But more is needed!  120 boxes of macaroni and cheese is needed each month to cover families requesting food. Remember to grab a few boxes when you go shopping the next time and place them in the big blue tub in the narthex. Thanks!


We Need Your Help!

When someone goes to the hospital or is in need of pastoral care, please don’t assume that the Pastor or church office automatically know about it.  In many situations our local hospitals do not call us to inform us of a person from St. David’s Lutheran being hospitalized. In a similar way, if you read something of concern in the newspaper (the death of a relative of a member) call us 479-4110. We rather hear about it too many times than not at all.

Busy Hands

Busy Hands will be taking the month of January off. The next gatherings will take place on February 5th and March 5th (weather permitting). Everyone is welcome to join us at 7:00 pm. We make strings into things and we’d love to teach you how.  Come join us.



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