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2022-2023 Sunday School/Confirmation Registrations (Please make sure to register your child by Sunday, September 11. The link will be removed September 12.)

2022-23 Sunday School/Confirmation Registration (



Weekly Announcement Sheets

We are God’s servant people with Christ-like hearts empowered by the Holy Spirit through word and Sacrament. We proclaim God’s grace, love, justice, and forgiveness to all people through worship, learning, witness, service and support.


As the number of COVID cases drops across our country and in our area, it has been decided to no longer require masks to be worn in our worship services or inside the church. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, then we ask that you do whatever you feel is best for you individually to remain safe. We always pray for the safety of those who come to our church and strive to do as the Spirit leads. Blessings. Posted 3.3.22

The 2022 flower chart is on the wall across from the bulletin board. The cost is $35.00 (1 vase) or $70.00 (2 vases) each Sunday. Fill out completely, writing for whom the flowers are given in memory of or in honor of and by whom they are given. ***Please return the white containers from the flower arrangements by Friday, so the florist can pick up.  *** On Sundays following the 10:30 AM service you make take the Altar flowers.  PREPAYMENT OF ALTAR FLOWERS IS REQUIRED. Please take and envelope, fill it out and drop in offering plate the week before your signed-up date or call the church office with any questions .

Phase 1 of the St. David’s Capital Campaign is completed which included windows, lintels, sandstone sealing to prevent further damage to our building.

Phase 2 Commitment Goal of $253,000  to fund current needed repairs, nave painting & crack repairs, carpeting in nave. Carpeting in fellowship hall & contingency costs.

Phase 3  Total Goal $400,00

0  to starting funding St David’s Endowment Fund for future repairs & sealing of sandstone every ten years ($40,000).

Please click HERE for Capital Campaign Commitment Form.


St. Francis Sharing & Caring Food Pantry

Thank you for your commitment to the St. Francis Sharing and Caring Food Pantry.  St David’s monthly donations will be mac and cheese. Of course, we are always grateful for any food donations we receive, and if you would like to do a food drive for the food pantry, please feel free to make it for any non-perishable item.

We Need Your Help!

When someone goes to the hospital or is in need of pastoral care, please don’t assume that the Pastor or church office automatically know about it.  In many situations our local hospitals do not call us to inform us of a person from St. David’s Lutheran being hospitalized. In a similar way, if you read something of concern in the newspaper (the death of a relative of a member) call us 814.479.4110. We rather hear about it too many times than not at all.


Come Worship With Us

Saturday Worship 5:30 PM
Sunday Worship: 8:00 AM
Sunday School: 9:15 AM
Sunday Worship: 10:30 AM